Occupational Therapy Degree Guide

Looking for a Graduate degree in Occupational therapy? Here we are discussing top accredited schools, Online and Distance learning campuses in a different state in the US (California, Florida, Texas).

Travel therapy to Physical therapy different from occupation.Career outlook after Master in OT or DOT with salary stats by Each state. In occupationaldegree.com you can get details about Degree and Top schools offering DOT OTA and other accelerated and Dual degree programs 2019 to 2020.

We also help students about different sources, like Top OT blogs to follow, Top OT author and helpful articles.

You can also inform about the career of an occupational therapist. How much does an OT make annually?

Types of occupational Degrees

Let’s talk about what’s the type of occupational degrees are available? How to Become OT step by step? Is Master degree or doctorate degree is recommended to become? And most importantly, after master degree wat’s types of specialization in occupational therapy?

Diploma in Occupational Therapy

Many schools offering diploma in OT, students must have Graduation degree in the required field. Some also call 2nd degree in OT. Due to the demand in the healthcare field, many institutes offering some diploma in many subjects, so if you want to become a therapist then note down these details.

  1. 2 Years
  2. Trained in Clinics and rehabilitation center

Associate Degree

The associate degree will lead students into Assistant field. After getting this degree, you are eligible to apply as an occupational therapy assistant. Make sure your schools are accredited by AOTA. After this degree, you have to pass NBCOT exam for getting Accreditation.

Associate Subjects includes;

  1. Psychology
  2. Human occupations
  3. Physical rehabilitation theory
  4. Anatomy
  5. Theory of developmental rehabilitation

Besides these courses, you will also understand about pediatrics, Physical therapy, and geriatrics.

MSOT Degree (Master of Occupational Therapy)

At-least Master degree is requiring for becoming OT. Many accredited schools in the USA offering this degree to students who have Bachelor degree in particular subjects like (Biology, Anatomy, Psychology, Rehabilitation Science, Kinesiology, and other Human relates degree.

OTD Degree:

OTS replaces MSOT degree, so in many schools, you have seen OTD instead of MSOT degree just like Physical therapy degree.

Accelerated Degree

Many schools offering Accelerated programs (Combined Bachelor _ Master) in short duration for those who have associated degree in particular subjects. Many students looking only accelerated programs after an Associate degree in OT.

Occupational Therapy (Ph.D.)

If you want to boost your career into the next level, then Ph.D. degree in for You. Programs are available in both Online and campus-based session, so professional can also apply for this degree. The course includes Contextual Aspects, Research Residency, Continuing Dissertation Service, Research Methods ETC.

Occupational Therapy Accredited Schools

Explore states offering different programs in OT and OTA. All over the USA, you can get admission in different programs.

For more information about particular programs or state in the USA, you can request us and get details of ranking, accreditation, FEE Structure, Admission requirements and many more.

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. NY
  4. TeXAS
  5. New Jersey
  6. Alabama

Every school are preparing each student for national exam regarding getting license. Most schools have own hospitals, so students can join and complete clinical hours.

Occupational Therapy Frames of Reference

For practice OT, you have to read what’s the different type of frames professional therapist already allied. These frames help you to analysis or case study of similar nature patient. Many students help with AUTISM CHILDREN, Environmental medication and many other modes.

  1. Moho Frames
  2. rehabilitation Frames of reference
  3. Mental Health Frames
  4. Biochemical Frames of reference