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    Getting through this blog post, we are all here to make you learn about the salary of doctorate of occupational therapy!

    Occupational therapy experts are being employed in so many employs various techniques to help their patients develop the skills that are much necessary to live their lives better. On Average Salary is $76,400 annually, but in some state like California, this figure will increase up to 84K. Advance practice in occupational therapy, assessment documentation for the particular mental condition. 10% of OTD can easily make $175,000 after getting 20years of experience in this field in Houston, San Francisco, Chicago, and other various top cities in the USA.

    Some California therapy hospitals like (Valley Children Center, MH Hospital, Alvarado Hospital Medical Center) gives OTD handsome salary.

    Quick Facts About Doctor of OT

    1. First, you complete education from Master Level (How to Become OT)
    2. Degree length (7 years to 4 Year)
    3. Average Salary range $76,000
    4. Top Schools (California, Florida, Texas)
    5. Leadership, Educator and researcher in Occupational therapy
    6. 22% Growth rate increase in the US in 2016
    7. Only 10% get 84% highest salary in this field (Payscale).
    8. $32 to $36 hourly rate

    What is OTD?

    Occupational therapy is the study of helping patients with disabilities to live active lives. OTD is an advanced practice of occupational therapy. After specialization, therapist select major study.

    A patient who may have a certain disability such as cerebral palsy may have trouble performing daily activities such as changing clothes or climbing the stairs.

    What does An OTD Do?

    The job of an OTD is to equip these patients with tools and aids that should help them through their everyday lives. In most cases, an occupational therapist customizes tools to fit the needs of a patient. A handlebar may be installed in certain (calculated) points near the stairs or in the shower.

    The precise installment is carried out by an occupational therapist who understands the patient’s needs.

    Occupational therapists make a lucrative wage of $88,000 (national average) annually.

    Master VS Doctor Occupational Therapy (OTD)

    Many students compete master level program with the doctor regarding salary perspective. Although Doctor of OT isn’t much popular.  Compare with the doctor, there is no double salary is low, but you required extra study for getting this degree.

    Generally, occupational therapists will somehow enter the industry with a master’s degree in the field. There are few programs in this field that offer doctorates.

    What is the Salary Ranges of occupational therapy Doctor?

    In 2012, the average Doctor of Occupational Therapy Salary brought home with the salary amount that was about $76,400.

    As by the survey by Advance Healthcare Network somehow provides a better idea of what advanced degrees can do for earnings. In the year 2011, occupational therapists with a bachelor’s degree in the field averaged to be around $73,271 a year, while those with the setting of the entry-level master’s degrees earned nearly 10 percent less.

    It set at an average of $66,690. With doctoral degrees, salaries average at the rate of around $84,872 annually.

    Doctor of Occupational Therapy Salary

    What are the Local Variances in Salary Ranges of occupational therapy expert?

    Earning can vary from one location to another in almost all the career options. Information in the salary of occupational therapy is much limited. Hence, the highest reported salaries as a whole were found in Alaska that is set at an average of $113,732 a year.

    Those people who are working in California were a distant second are bringing home an average of $88,577. One of the lowest wages as in view with this occupation was in Montana as where the average salary was just $54,927. It is around more than half the rate of occupational therapists in Alaska.

    Besides being on top of the level of education and location, salaries fluctuate significantly by the timeline of the practice setting.

    Hence the highest wages were for occupational therapists providing in-home care have the fees at an average of $80,000 a year. In skilled nursing facilities, occupational therapists averaged at the salary amount of $78,256 annually.

    However, the most common place of employment as with the school settings was also one of the lower-paying opportunities that are all set with the salary at an average of $63,868 a year.

    Highest Paying state in the US for Doctor of Occupational Therapy?

    Different state paying different range of salary to doctor base on their experience. Nature of the healthcare center is also depending on this scale, but I already mentioned only 10% getting 84% highest salary. So in Chicago, Houston, San Diego, NYC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles these professions are getting a salary between $81 to $84 annually.

    1. Chicago IL: $83,000
    2. NYC: $81,000
    3. Houston CA: $84,000
    4. Miami FL: $78,000
    Note: Comment us for more information about your nearby city salary range and job scope.

    All about Salary Overview of Doctor of Occupational therapy:

    A doctorate is not somehow to be required to practice in clinical occupational therapy. It is one of the typical career fields for graduates of professional therapy programs. On the doctorate, the occupational therapists pull with the salary in an average of $75,400 per year in the year of 2012.

    Few occupational therapists working in the school system have the lowest average wage that is around $68,440. The highest average salary has been about $86,850 as being reported in the home health care industry.

    Medical and health services managers have all set with the median annual income of $84,270. In addition, New Jersey had a median income of $86,680.

    Occupational therapists in place of North and South Dakota with the average income rate of $56,620 and $63,290 respectively as in 2012.

    Where Can Most of the JOBS?

    On the other hand, the physical therapist can make up to $120,820 in the various states in the US like Nevada. You can get more idea through APTA. Compare with Physical therapy occupation therapy scope and salary figure is quite low but job growth is high.

    1. Rehabilitation Center
    2. Mental and Psychiatric Unit
    3. Educator in universities and Collages
    4. Gov Research Laboratories


    Possible Job Title of Doctor Therapist

    Furthermore, there is some possible job title after completion doctor degree. Usually, they just call occupational therapist not formally say, doctor.

    1. Occupational therapist PD
    2. Occupational Therapist (Outpatient) – Full Time, Day, CDC
    3. Medical Researcher and Educator

    Note: in addition, More detail on this topic will only available to those who contact us and discuss their current student pattern.




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