An overview of Low vision Occupational Therapy


    What is Vision Therapy?

    Enhance the ability of vision without helping of any surgical or advanced treatment. According to allaboutvision, there are very bright chances of improvement through physical or occupation therapy. They are using some techniques like eye exercise, pushups and other related techniques.

    Are you looking to understand about vision therapy in kids or vision rehabilitation therapy? Although this disorder is only treated through proper medication, occupational therapist (OT) trying to improve patient lifestyle and help to increase sensory skills. This is categories in occupational therapy for kids and Autism.

    You can found various vision rehabilitation therapist nearby you (USA). This is a very rare therapy, and you must hard work for finding experience therapist.

    Firstly, as obvious from the name, the term Low Vision refers to chronic vision impairment. This chronic vision disease is not treatable through glasses, medication, contact lenses or medical surgery for that matter. Both OT and OTA is the part of the rehabilitative disciplinary team, the primary task to enhance the ability of patients who are suffering such kind of disorder.

    An Occupational Therapist’s job is to reduce the suffering, people with Low Vision experience. The therapist maximizes the vision of these patients to help them function properly.


    Understanding Low-Vision and Issues It Brings to the Table

    The patients who suffer from Low Vision may have difficulty reading, seeing faces, watching television or traveling independently.

    Moreover, the eye is a special and unique organ. People take pride in their sharp eyesight. Similarly, if the sharp eye-sight’s counter-part prevails, people suffer. These people require empathy, care, and well-organized treatment plans.

    The patients may lose their vision due to some accident injury or this could be a birth defect. Either way, people not having their sight, despite all the medical advancement and surgery available could be a traumatic experience.

    Low Vision Rehabilitation

    The Occupational Therapists who deal with vision related problems may work privately or in Vision Rehabilitation Centers. These therapists normally work as Low Vision Rehabilitation Specialists.

    Low Vision rehabilitation specialists need to have a special empathy for their patients. They become a voice for these patients and help them become as independent as humanly possible.

    Low Vision Rehabilitation

    Every patient’s vision impairment is different and unique. While some may be able to differentiate a dark background with white detailing, some may see distorted visions or have no vision at all.

    Role of Occupational Therapy in Low vision

    Maximizing the vision may require a range of equipment, devices, and techniques. Occupational Therapists also make patients rely on their other sensory abilities in order to gain independence.

    For example:

    Instead of relying on the vision to see what time is it, the OTs may provide the patients with a clock that has an audio button which speaks time for the patient.

    You may have observed this in movies or perhaps in real life. The people with vision impairment tend to use a stick to examine their surroundings which helps them function independently. These people may successfully cook, change their clothes and do other regular activities.

    Occupational Therapy Activities

    This becomes possible when everything around these people revolves in a regular pattern. For example, the items in the fridge have their fixed spots, or the utensils are in their regular fixed places.

    Hence alternatively, the Occupational Therapists make sure that the surroundings for these people are safe and well arranged. If the patient has a reading problem, the OT may provide him/her with special magnifiers according to the visual need which helps in reading better.

    This does not only help these patients become a functioning part of society but also helps them achieve independence to a large extent.

    In conclusion, Low Vision is a chronic visual impairment which requires continuous attention. The people might end up losing their sight but they have to continue living. Occupational Therapists help these people gain the best out of their existing vision by consistent empathy and helpful methods.

    All in all, the goal of therapy is to help the visually impaired gain independence and function as a healthy part of society.


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