How Much Does an Occupational Therapy Make (OT)?


    As you head towards the course degree of masters in occupational therapy, then you are most often interested in knowing about the salary for sure. What Occupational Therapist can make annually?  Highest paying US state to OT and OTA? What can I do after Master in OT? Here are some questions in every Master level student’s mind.

    What’s my starting Salary after getting the degree in Master? Which state is the shortage of OT? Which hospital and other healthcare center giving me a good salary?

    1. Average Salary $78,000 (15 to 20 years’ Experience required)
    2. Starting Salary ($54,000)
    3. Average $36.00 Per Hour, only 10% 50$ per hour (Pascale) that’s mean $96,174 monthly salary.
    4. How to become, check
    5. Pediatric and Certified Hand can make the most income
    6. Florida, California is a good state for Schooling
    7. Rehabilitation Directors (Top Job) $1K

    By checking out with this blog post, we will make you learn about the consequences over the masters in occupational therapy salary for you:


    What to know about a salary of occupational therapy?

    Hence the salary of the person with the masters in occupational therapist with the five or fewer years of experience was about the range of $64,000. But on the other side, those with the 21-25 years of experience somehow on the scale earned approximately $78,000.

    It makes the difference of about $14,000. This pay scale difference hence shows that the duration gap over the experience can bring a huge difference in the salary concept as well.

    Does education play an essential role in Occupational Therapy Salary?

    Education somehow did not appear away to play some significant role in salary determination. It has been unveiled out that the person with the bachelor’s degrees reported a range of the higher average salary that is about $73,000 as compared to those with entry-level master’s degrees that is about $67,000.

    Demographics drive demand Influence

    The average salary for therapists who are somehow working in nursing care facilities will comes in well above the national average at $88,670.

    Traveling occupational therapists can make on with around 15% more of the therapists in permanent positions. This will be adding with additional perks like paid housing, or also the non-taxable living stipends, as well as mileage reimbursement, and assignment completion bonuses.

    Highest Paying state in the US for Occupational Therapy?

    As per according to our 100% employer reported salary sources the median salary for an Occupational Therapist who set with a Master’s Degree or MBA is $83,350 – $87,431. If they are high regarding the experience, then this salary package can get increased over as well.

    1. Florida: $93,777
    2. Ohio: $89,777
    3. California: $88,444
    4. NJ: $75,999
    5. NYC: $72,448

    No doubt that over time the demand and popularity of the occupational therapy field are getting much common and demanding. It has the career outlook that somehow opens the employment options in so many areas.


    Where Can Most of the JOBS?

    Only 10% to 15% do their own work. Others prefer a job in the starting phase. Many job placement center, where you can appoint in senior to licensed registered OT specialist. Indiana, Ohio are the states where the shortage of OT in 2017.

    1. Rehabilitation
    2. HealthCare
    3. Private Therapies Center

    You can open private clinic centers or get yourself with the employment in hospitals or medical care centers too. But for being the part of this field, you should have the required medium of qualifications for it.

    We hope that this blog post would have helped you a lot in learning about the salary range of occupational therapy field. To be the part of this field, apply here now!



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