Mental Health Occupational Therapy


    Although the mass psychology biases occupational therapy to physical disabilities and movement limitation, mental health is a significant niche of occupational therapy. In this article, we discuss typically how play occupational therapist role in mental health disorder?

    If in the case of pediatric, then what type of assessment and intervention treatment utilize? What type of Mental health assessment tools is utilizing today?

    All of your concern relates to mental health must address here. Still, if you have any more question relates to this topic, then contact us or Comment us. Mostly Occupational therapist uses biomechanical frames of references for prepare documentation basis on assessment.


    What Does a Mental Health Occupational Therapist Do?

    A mental health occupational therapist primarily works on cognitive rehabilitation, sensory and therapeutic strategies that help patients with mental health issues.

    In a world where we are getting busier and busier with our lives, time constraints play a huge role in mental health weakness and this has significantly lead to a demand for experts on mental health treatments.  Although mental health OT is a different specialization, most occupational therapists who study physical rehabilitation receive some sort of education on mental health rehabilitation as well.

    In practice, there are in fact completely different settings too for mental health occupational therapy. If a patient’s occupational roles are disrupted due to psychological or mental health issues, an occupational therapist devises a treatment methodology for them to walk them through their rehabilitation.

    Another very important part of mental health OT is the development of social-emotional skills which are a huge element that guides the interaction of one person with another person, group or an entire social gathering.

    Mental health occupational therapists analyze the exact problem of a patient undergoing psychological problems and set them up in activities that help them grow.

    Treatment of Mental Health Patients/ Intervention

    When a treatment of mental health is being carried out, an occupational therapist characterizes the needs of a patient and plans the treatment accordingly. The breakdown of this characterization is done as follows.

    Life Skills

    A patient may need psychological support while performing life skills and there is an overwhelming need for such kind of intervention.

    Life skills include bathing, eating and walking. Some patients can develop a specific mental set back which disables them with these tasks.

    Job Readiness

    Huge mental support that some patients need is a psychological boost for something that may be fairly simple, but they are held back for some self-created reason.

    Even if the task is not fairly simple, they still hold back and need some kind of counseling before they can be active in occupational roles.

    This counseling is provided for aiding a patient in their procrastination and is different from basic psychological help.

    Managing Money

    Managing finances is certainly not an easy task given that there is an entire degree towards managing finances. For those get a little too stressed can be aided by a mental health occupational therapist.

    Instead of sitting back and not considering this a problem, many people try to go about such mental health problems on their own, however, it is not the most effective strategy.


    Most people including the current generation largely suffer from lack of nutrition, or even if they are eating, they aren’t getting the right nutrition.

    This also involves those individuals who do not have time to exert and burn off enough caloric intake.

    A nutrition occupational therapist helps patients create a nutrition plan for such patients to help them go about their diet plan in a healthy way.

    Pediatric Mental Health Occupational Therapy

    OT also plays an important role in the treatment of Pediatric (youth, Child) patient. Some phycologist confused this treatment in Autism, although some characteristics in this disease connect with it.

    Enforce to boost psychological and social functioning, and treat the child like that. See more on AOTA official site.

    Many behavioral theories with multiple intervention methods already utilized by the therapist, and still, much improvement required.

    Assessment Tools

    Some assessment test required for cure of this disease and improve to the maximum level.

    1. Anxiety Test
    2. Depression Test
    3. Eating Disorder test
    4. PTSD test
    5. Addiction test
    6. Parent Test
    7. Bipolar Test

    After using these test, therapist prepare documentation and define problem of particular patient. Before starting these test, every therapist set particular goal basis of their experience and knowledge.



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