How Occupational Therapist work in Acute Care?


    Occupational Therapy in Acute Care is a well-known and informative book. Basically, this book addresses the main and basic issues that working or exist within the circle of acute care setting. The person or nurse involving in acute care job, must work under patent.

    Although Acute care is the different job and includes under the Nursing department in Occupational therapy there is some difference in the job description.


    The main objective of this book to discuss different medical conditions and problems that normally faced by professional occupational therapists.

    Occupational-Therapy-in-Acute Care

    Main Features

    The main features of Occupational Therapy in Acute Care are given below

    1. Firstly, this book includes the detailed research ND knowledge that how different diseases or problems affect your body like the nervous system etc.
    2. Secondly, this book is specially designed or available for occupational therapists. In this way, they came easily get complete and detailed information about the different human body systems.
    3. Lastly, this book also has other features like evaluation or analysis of the acute care patient, different diagnostic tests etc.

    In short, we can say that this book is really helpful for both types of people I-e occupational therapists and acute care patients.

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