Occupational Therapy Practice Framework


    The occupational therapy practice framework is a piece of the document issued by the AOTA that represents everything that certified occupational therapists know. According to RCOT (Research academic of Occupational Therapist), this person is highly specialized in education, Healthcare, research, employment, prisons.

    The person should know all legal aspects about it, that’s directly or indirectly emphasis workforce or the environment. The person is well aware of the unwell patent, outcome of diseases and person effect by. Experience and practice make the therapist perfect.  In this framework, any therapist can easily understand their field and maintaining service users’ ability.

    It is known as the domain of knowledge; it is basically all the knowledge that occupational therapy professionals accumulate over their master’s education. The document also includes a process of evaluation and intervention that is an official explanation of exactly occupational therapists are entitled to do.

    Therefore, a practice framework is a document with all the information as to what occupational therapists know and what they do.

    Categories of the Occupational Practice Framework

    The chapters of the framework are basically divided into 2 categories, these include,

    • The Domain of Knowledge

    This includes the chapters that explain what occupational therapists know and what they do not.

    A further division yields Occupations which basically refers to everyday activities of patients such as eating, sleeping changing clothes and using the restroom etc. Furthermore, this includes client factors which are basically the constraints laid on the treatment due to the client.

    People can have specific characteristics, beliefs or disabilities due to which a certain treatment may not be applicable to them.  Therefore, understanding client factors is a very important part of education. Occupational therapists need to know all about the movements and functioning methods of the human body and this is covered in Performance Skills.

    Studying the performance of patients in certain physical tasks is the key to developing a treatment.

    This basically includes motor skills for movement, process skills for functioning and interaction skills to study how the patient interacts with other people.

    After performance skills, the domain of knowledge includes performance patterns. This is important because studying the habits and living routines of patients is crucial a healthy treat.

    A certain habit may hinder the treatment process and therefore, an occupational therapist should know if the patient has any undesirable routine during the treatment.

    Finally, an occupational therapist can only function with a patient when he or she fully understands the cultural, physical, social and personal situations that a patient has.

    One treatment may be rendered useless if it is not suitable in a given environment of the patient and therefore, OT experts must be completely learned about the patients and their surroundings.

    • The process of Occupational Therapy

    This includes information about all the tasks that an occupational therapist does in his or her work profession.

    To start with, the Practice Framework includes an overview that is the gist of what is expected from certified occupational therapists.  This includes service delivery models which refer to how occupational therapists can deliver a service or, be of service to a patient.

    OT experts are then expected to fully understand the situation of a patient through their medical history and this is called the evaluation stage before the actual treatment. Next step is intervention; this includes the actual treatment. From figuring out which treatment is after in a certain situation to the actual implementation of the treatment. The final part of the practice framework includes the targets that can be set as performance indicators to gauge a treatment and its results.

    Key Factors of Occupational Therapist Framework

    Through monitoring and development and particle outcome, this person must work.

    1. Provide a high-quality service
    2. Provide value for money


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