Occupational Therapy Research Topics for Students


    Looking for Research Topic in OT?

    So here are we have some suggestion for you regarding occupational therapy.

    Selecting a Research topic for dissertation, thesis or research work isn’t easy at all. The subject like occupational therapy needs some attention before selecting a research topic. Many students pick some rehabilitating topic, musculoskeletal injury, X pneumonia in patients. Make sure you understand about occupation therapy frame of reference or practice framework.

    Health type disease, that’s an impact on occupational therapy practice is a good field for the pick research topic. In this research, you can describe the relationship of patient to the environment, for example, Autism.

    If your previous background isn’t medical or bachelor degree in the non-medical subject than you should pick some nature-friendly topics like personal experience.

    Occupational-Therapy-Research topics

    Occupational Therapy Research Topics Ideas

    Here are some research ideas for your dissertation. Make sure you already familiar of this for in-depth study.

    1. Alcoholic Patent and Occupation Therapy (Disease intervention strategies through therapy)
    2. Acute Care (Elderly Therapy Technique)
    3. Sports for Children and others extra curriculum activities for prevention of disease
    4. Behavior analysis in pediatric OT.
    5. Holistic mental health care discusses (Acute Care practice therapy)
    6. Impact of cultural issues and prevention control through therapy
    7. Addicted to anything (Physical Activities, Habit)
    8. Predict non-pharmacological interventions for Any pain relief
    9. Enhance the quality of life of any particular patient
    10. Travel occupational therapy (Inflight)
    11. Occupational Justice or Injustice
    12. Prevention of Mental illness for Army
    13. Underwent dramatic growth and Role of Therapy
    14. Speak therapy
    15. The phenomenological and qualitative study
    16. Animal Therapy techniques
    17. Does exercise improve mental health?
    18. Research on improving Techniques in Environment Modification

    How to Select Any Occupational Therapy Topic?

    Not particular about OT, it’s about the general selection of research topic. First of all, you should have huge list of vocabulary and keyword of particular idea.

    Background of Topic

    Firstly, you should start from scratch and then find the relationship between. Any hypothesis needs history or correlates things.

    Focusing on Idea

    Divert all attention on topic, research randomly and then makes a list for final preparation.

    You can get ideas of a passed thesis from the previous batch of the student. This helps you a lot. If you select the medically related topic that should consult (Healthfinder.gov, Health & Wellness Resource Center) and colleges website. You can also get ideas of a thesis from sites like (Academia.EDU).

    Topic in Occupational Therapy Should Avoid

    Through internship program or clinical practice, you much aware of such kind of disease in the patent. Mostly student picks a medicine-related topic in research, so this isn’t a good idea. Medicine topic required immense practice and laboratories testing material with the thesis. So don’t pick like that topic.

    A too broad and too narrow topic isn’t a good idea. If your topic is broad, then prepare yourself for many questions in interview.

    Do not forget to Formulate a Thesis Statement and Practical Exercises to Extend Your Learning, more your present statement strongly more you increase chances of pass or get the high score.


    https://www.aota.org/ (Define Areas of Practice)



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