Difference of Occupational Therapy Vs Physical Therapy


    Although occupational therapy and physical therapy are often confused to be one thing there is a fundamental difference between the two. Both of these occupations perform their duties in different rehabilitative work. We will discuss the main difference, education requirement, and salary both of this occupation.

    You can say that; the physical therapist is involving in human body movement after damage by any cause. OT is just working on the patient daily activity.

    If you type on google term “Physical Therapy” you will clear about this term. You seem some terminology like (Stretching, Elastic Therapeutic Tape, Yoga, Weight Loss, Aerobic Exercise, Chronic Pain, Manual therapy, Dry Needling).

    The education required for both the professionals does overlap but only to a certain extent. For example, High schooling in particular subject according to prerequisites of different school’s requirements. Given the difference in the very nature of the two jobs, there is a slight difference in how the two professionals.

    Some California and Florida schools are providing to best degree programs with practical clinical hours required training.

    Quick Facts:

    1. Physical therapy salary is higher than occupational therapy
    2. Job Growth and Employment ratio in more in physical therapy compared to OT
    3. If you talk about relaxing duties, then occupational therapy isn’t the hectic job
    4. Both required excellent interpersonal, observational and communication skill for performing their duties
    5. Sports therapy is the best type of physical therapy, (salary perspective)
    6. Both required license for practice in each state of US
    7. Physical therapy school admission is more competitive then occupational therapy
    8. PTA getting more salary then OTA
    9. Ask more about both of these professions


    What is Occupational Therapy?

    An occupational therapist is different from a physical therapist from the basic fact that he or she does not perform acupuncture or other such treatments.

    1. Types and Specialization areas of practice 

    Breaking it down simpler terms, an occupational therapist does not actually treat an injury or a disability.  For example, if a person is hit by a car and has an injury which renders him or her unable to perform certain tasks of the daily routine like going to the bathroom or changing.

    This type of therapist work under their practice framework and change modification environment accordingly.

    Functional (Duties)

    An occupational therapist will help such a patient perform daily activities with ease. Therefore, to sum it up, an occupational therapist focusses on the functional abilities of a patient rather than the treatment of an injury.

    These professionals suggest exercises, prescribe devices and machines intended for imparting ease in the performance of daily activities and suggest methods on how to perform everyday tasks such as changing clothes, using the bathroom or climbing the stairs.

    Education Requirement

    The master program required, check graduate program 2019. Before master requirement, make sure about prerequisites of the particular school or university.

    These devices are basically adaptive tools that are designed by occupational therapists for patients with certain disorders.

    They also use medical therapies such as ultrasound for patients with certain kind of injuries.

    In general, these professionals make use of therapies and techniques for improving the lifestyle of the injured and the disabled, also by altering the environment of such patients for imparting ease in actions and the daily routine.

    What is Physical Therapist?

    A physical therapist is also known as a physiotherapist. This trade is focused on diagnosing an injury or dysfunction in a patient and then using medical therapy to treat the patient.

    Functional (Duties)

    Their work largely involves treating the injury or the disability by exercise and therapies.

    Patients undergo a therapeutic session for a fixed number of days a week in which the physician exercises a certain joint or a body part in such a way so as to treat the disorder caused in the joint or the limb.

    They not only treat injuries that cause a disorder in the bones and joints but also in tissues and structures.

    Car accident victims, old age senior citizens, someone who fell from the stairs or got hit by a moving vehicle etc. needs a physical therapist who analyses their condition and prescribes treatments, exercises and other factors for recovering from the injury.

    Occupational Therapy Vs Physical Therapy

    Roles of Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist

    Both of these professions are equally important in helping and maintaining the lifestyle of an injured individual.

    They often work in correlation to help victims of a disorder live a normal and comfortable life by educating, training and exercising towards a healthy and active life.

    Salary and Career Outlook

    Salary regarding US state for both of therapist is displaying on average base. Job opportunity and growth rate is very high for both of these fields.

    Huge scope in HealthCare, nursing, clinics, and other centers.

    OT Salary

    $81,910 in 2016 in 2018 this range increase up to $87,888 only 10% received only $54,200 according to BLS Gov.

    PT Salary

    $85,400 is the average salary of PT.

    1. 36% growth increase in 2016








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