Prerequisites for Occupational Therapy (Master, OTA)


    What is Occupational Therapy?

    Occupational therapy is the study of improving the lifestyle of injured individuals who suffer from a disability due to some unpredicted situation.  In this article, we discussing required prerequisites before applying for either Master or OTA program in accredited school/college.

    OT does not particularly cure an injury, but they suggest ways to improve lifestyle. Such a patient needs help in most daily tasks because their injury might immobilize them or render them unable to perform certain tasks.

    For example, if an individual gets hit by a car and dislocates a certain bone or somehow get cerebral palsy in his or her lifetime, normal daily tasks such as using the bathroom or changing clothes can get a bit difficult for these people.

    Occupational therapists (OT) suggest exercises and customized tools that can ease the performance of these tasks. The devices or machines that occupational therapists recommend are personally customized for a specific patient.

    Prerequisites for an Occupational Therapy

    Education of Occupational Therapist (OT)

    Most occupational therapists have a master’s or OTD degree and there is usually no fixed degree for an undergraduate to apply for occupational therapy.

    But in most cases, it helps students to have an undergraduate education that is relevant and consistent with occupational therapy.

    Some universities offer an undergrad degree called Pre-OT degree which basically covers all the basics and the necessary medical information needed for professional occupational therapy.

    However, a master’s degree is the education needed for an occupational therapist that can pass the accreditation exam by NBCOT for occupational therapy.

    Prerequisites for a Masters Program

    A master’s degree from any school has its pre-requisites for students who are applying, and this always differs from one school to another.

    When applying to a school, be sure to check the pre-requisites for it that are basically the subjects studied in the undergrad and a minimum CGPA from undergrad school.

    Must Require: Bachelor in a defined subject (bellows)

    Most good schools require a minimum CGPA of 3.4 for a master’s degree in occupational therapies but this largely depends on the school and how competitive it is.

    Another pre-requisite which so happens to be the most important one is your education prior to applying for the master’s degree.

    Although there is no fixed degree for a master’s in occupational therapy, there is still some criteria involved in the selection of students.

    Master program Length: 3 Year

    This is simply because a lawyer or an engineer won’t be applying for a master’s in occupational therapy, therefore a fixed criterion for most schools is that a certain number of subjects and courses should be taken from a med school or a nursing school.

    Generally, the following education is a pre-requisite for applying for master in OT,

    1. Introductory Biology inclusive of lab (worth 4 credit hours)
    2. Human Physiology inclusive of lab (worth 4-8 credit hours)
    3. Human Anatomy inclusive of lab (worth 4-8 credit hours)
    4. Abnormal Psychology (at least worth 3 credit hours)
    5. Introduction to Statistics (worth 3 credit hours)
    6. Humanities e.g. Sociology or Anthropology (worth 3 credit hours)
    7. Oral Communication or Business Communication (worth 2-3 credit hours)
    8. Medical Terminology (worth 1-2 credit hours)

    If these subjects have been taken in undergrad, then a student with a reasonable CGPA and relevant work experience is good to apply for a master’s in Occupational Therapy.

    Online OTD Program Prerequisites

    If you want to peruse your career in advance practice OTD, then you must have a bachelor or master degree in required subjects.

    Prerequisites for an Occupational Therapy Assistant

    OTA will eligible for Master programs only withholding license of OTA and certification from NBCOT. Make sure programs is from an OTA accredited schools or university.

    1. Minimum combined SAT score of 800 to 900
    2. Minimum GPA of 2.5 to 3.0
    3. TOEFL, IELTS for International Students
    4. Official college transcripts

    Makes sure Biology is the subject in your high school years. Some schools must require some general crime clearance from FBI, Police, and others.

    This subject of assistance is lying under the Associate of Applied Science. Makes sure OTA programs are accredited through (ACOTE) standard organization of health science.

    Reference: (Note ACOTE Accreditation Actions)

    Practice Framework of OT (Standards)


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