How to Become Travel Occupational Therapy?

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a college student exploring his/her options. I’m assuming that you were scrolling your feed and the term “Travelling Occupational Therapist” might have come before your eyes. On the other hand, maybe you’ve been into Occupational Therapy for a while and you are curious about what Travelling Occupational Therapy has to offer.

  1. Difference Between OT and Travel Therapy

Travel therapist is the most enjoying ob I think, but on the other hand, you have to leave your family behind. In this article, we will discuss the life of Travel occupational therapist and ways to become.

Every therapist desire for it, due to salary + bonus, career exposure and dealing with different demographics and geographic.


Quick Faqs

  1. Required same education to become Travel Occupational Therapist
  2. On average therapist is making $84,000, travel therapist can make above $110 annually salary
  3. Nevada, California, Texas, Virginia is the highest paying states in the US, the demand of Occupational therapist is also high
  4. Job growth rate is about 18%
  5. Some schools offering short course or professional training to an occupational therapist for exposure of travel therapy
  6. Travel therapy is very much demanded a physical therapist especially in Sports field
  7. AOTA define rules and standards for all therapist (Travel Therapy) also See detail
  8. Earn Specialized occupational therapy area of practice before apply to any Travel therapy job.
  9. Ask for more detail on this topic

What is a Travelling Occupational Therapist?

Let me start out by defining this term in a lesser vague way. First, Travelling Occupational Therapist has the same job as a regular Occupational Therapist. The difference, very clear from the name too, is that this specific job is assignment based.

A Travelling Occupational Therapist mostly works with short term contracts. In fact, these contracts hardly consist of 12-14 weeks. Therefore, if you’re thinking about becoming one and you like to travel as well, you’re in for a treat. Here is the interesting part; you are probably going to make more money than a regular therapist does. How? In addition, How much? I’ll be explaining in a while.

In USA, the starting salary of an Occupational Therapist lands roughly around 46,200$ – 50,000$ annually.

Education Requirements to Become TOT

Same education requirement, there is no special degree or specialized area of practice. Just for increasing getting jobs chances, you have some specialized area in geriatric, Pediatric, Low vision therapy and others.

Licensing and evidence-based practice with having more than 10 years of experience required for getting travel therapist job.

Job Assignments/Incomes:

For the most part, the jobs in this field are vague. Undoubtedly, OTs play their part in medical/rehab facilities but they also have jobs in schools, universities, fitness facilities, etc.

The assignments are 13 to 14 weeks long and companies may offer 7K$ – 9K$ (Monthly) and 44$ – 48$ (Hourly). The assignments for a Travelling OT may vary, depending upon the comfort level of the therapist and the facility.

Travelling Occupational Therapists Salary vs Regular Occupational Therapists Salary:

As I mentioned above, Travelling Occupational Therapists could easily earn more than regular occupational therapists. Here’s why:

When you live away from home in other states, companies may offer you two types of salary. One is the untaxed money and the other is your regular income (taxes applied). Let’s refer the untaxed money as stipend and the other as taxed money.

Given these points, let’s take an example. Suppose your company gives you a weekly stipend bonus 1200$ and your taxed income is 45$/hour. That bonus money is how Travelling Occupational Therapists may make more money. However, there are some pros and cons.

Some places make it compulsory for these citizens to spend this stipend on rent-taxed homes. This helps the government to make people invest more in their economy. This is somehow, a little tricky but if you’re smart enough, you can successfully play by these rules.

Job Scope and Career Outlook

One thing makes sure about it, that this is a temporary job. There are plenty of companies who provide travel therapist to other companies. The demand for physical travel therapist is more than occupational.


How Much Do Travel Occupational Therapists Make?

Salary Factors:

Graduates often ask me, how much is their pay going to be? The answer to this question may not be a single word. There are a couple of variables playing around salary. Salary depends upon:

  1. Geographical Setting
  2. Experience in the field
  3. Type of work
  4. Hiring company

It is hard to give a rough estimate, some areas and companies are going to pay a lot more than others are.


Average salaries of OT in last 4 years:

In some countries, the annual salaries for occupational therapists have been as high as 130,000$. The lower counter-part has been as low as 30,000$. However, these are some average values for the last 4 years.

  • As of (July 25, 2016):

The average salary at the time was 70,000$ annually.

  • (May 25, 2017):

The average salary at the time was 84,200$ annually.

  • (March 21, 2018):

The average salary at the time was 80,000$ annually.

  • (Apr 25, 2019):

The average salary at the time was 82,767$ annually.

Salary Generating Tips before Becoming a Travelling Occupational Therapist

Being on good terms with companies who hire you. The reason being, if you like, where you are and the money is good, you might want to stay longer. If you and your facility are comfortable with each other and your frequencies match. There is no reason why you should not work with them on more projects.

  1. Make sure to interview the people/directors who hire you just as much as you hire them (metaphorically). You must be comfortable with these people if you are going to work with them.
  2. Keep hunting for better future projects with a better income.
  3. Work in the states where demand for occupational therapists is higher. Higher demand = Higher income rate.

Lastly, the following are some states with higher demands for occupational therapists:

Top states Annual Salary Hourly Salary
Nevada $120,440 $53 to $63
District of Columbia $116,440 $45 to $52
Texas $113,440 $44 to $48
New Jersey $114,440 $46 to $54
Connecticut $111,440 $51 to $57


In addition, for more information about travel occupational therapist “ASK US”. Many therapist looking jobs for travel therapy so we can guide about nearby companies of traveling therapy.