An overview of Occupational Therapy Aide CAREERS

An occupational therapy aide (OT Aide) is an assistant health care professional to an occupational therapist. Do not mix both assistant and Aide job description, although 70% is similar, there are some contradictions.

They help patients recover from temporary disabilities and maintain themselves. They receive an education which allows them to directly work with patients. Occupational Therapy Aides also assist patients in their support activities which allows them to undergo everyday life activities with ease.

However, aides do not perform independent practice, rather they work with a certified occupational therapist. They also need certification from the government to be a verified medical professional. Major duties relate to post stokes rehabilitation process in acute care and gynecology condition. According to TheStreet, the Fastest growing job in the USA.

They work in all sorts of work environments such as hospitals, health care facilities and clinics. The mostly set up the equipment and assist patients in therapy, the job requires them to be moving around a lot.

These professionals may also be required by the workplace to perform clerical work such as booking appointments, maintaining a ledger and answering phone calls on behalf of the office.


Top 10 Quick Facts:

  1. IN 2017 the average salary is around $31,330 or $14.62
  2. It’s a Part-time job, usually pay hospitals and other rehabilitation centers hourly not annually
  3. Just High schools diploma requires experience in clinics as a therapist helper is much effective
  4. On-job training required to become contrast with an occupational therapist
  5. Interpersonal skill, verbal skill, and intellectual skill is the top priority during the selection
  6. Similar jobs Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician
  7. Highest Hourly pay $35.00 in some states like Florida, Alabama, California, Chicago
  8. Doesn’t need license and certificate
  9. During training focus on dysfunctions, medical terms relate to therapy, Job description, Stokes, hand therapy cases and symptomology, etiology functions
  10. Ask More about Job in your area and academic qualifications

How to Become an Occupational Therapy Aide?

Occupational therapy assistants require an associate degree which qualifies them for certification. On the other hand, AIDE doesn’t need any certification, and the degree to become. Very easy to become OT Aide in many states, although they prefer assistant with holding an associate degree. Governments of all states regulate the work and qualification of occupational therapy assistants.

Academic Requirements

As for occupational therapy aides, they normally need a high school diploma or an educational qualification that fits as equivalent, these professionals also take on-the-job training. Occupational therapy aides are also recommended to have a relevant work experience which qualifies them for better jobs. This can be achieved through internships during education.

Job training of an OT aide usually lasts between a few days to a few weeks depending on the employer. These professionals also need skills in setting up a sterilized environment for medical activities.

What Does an Occupational Therapy Aide Do?

According to BLS, mainly duty is to assist the patient by all means. Prepare testing area, schedule a meeting with the patient. DO not advice about any therapy or condition without consultation with the doctor or senior therapist.

Helping patient in improving environment like wheelchairs, bathroom sitting and stairs lifting in home and hospitals as well.

Record of treatment after testing or therapy, note current condition and next appointment. Maintain notebook for every client basis on their activity during every meeting.

Where Does an Occupational Therapy Aide Work?

No of Aide works in Hospitals, and nearby clinics and rehabilitation center. Mostly get hourly salary rather than monthly.

  1. Educational services; state, local, and private
  2. Offices of physical, occupational and speech therapists, and audiologists

If you want to become, then submit C.V after some clinical experience to nearby hospitals and clinic.

OT Aide Programs

Although this is optional, some schools Here is a list of some of the best and most affordable OT aide’s programs in the US.

Ashworth College

They offer an online program which proceeds according to the student’s pace and it can be completed in as little as four months.

The program is reasonably affordable. It requires students to pay $10 to start the program and then it costs another $49 every month until the end of the program.

  1. Medical Assistant Technician

The program is wholesome on its own and it teaches students all the basics including customer services skills, getting comfortable with medical terminologies and setting up equipment needed for therapy in a facility.

The college is nationally accredited for distance learning by the DEAC and is recognized by the higher education commission.


Keiser University

The university offers an AS degree for OT assistants. Apart from the basics of OT, the program also teaches students important success skills such as critical thinking, communication skills and commitment to work.

  1. The program is an associate degree that is comprised of 83 credit hours. It requires students to pass all major courses with a letter grade of “C” at least.
  2. At the end of the course, students will be eligible to sit the NBCOT certification exam for OT assistants and the program has a good passing rate for students taking the exam.
  3. The program, however, does offer one certification to students at the end of the course, the COTA, i.e., certified occupational therapy assistant.

The program has a tuition fee of $19,000 and is a two-year long program that is conducted on campus, an online program is not offered by the school.

The school at Fort Lauderdale is also regionally accredited which means that students have the option to transfer credits to another university if they ever wish to convert their associate degree to a bachelor’s degree at any later time.


Penn Foster Career School

The Penn Foster Career school offers an online assistant therapy aide program that proceeds as slow or fast as the student prefers.

The program, however, can be completed in as little as one month. It teaches students the basics including treatment, medical terminology, and customer care.

The program is completely online i.e., no part of the program is conducted in a classroom. The program has proven records through 44,000 graduates and it can be attended through a mobile phone, as convenient as it gets.

The program itself is affordable and has multiple payment options.

The program has three payment options to choose from. The best price program has a price of $689 but it requires a 100% payment at the beginning of the course.

Another payment option costs $759 in total which is accumulated through a monthly payment of as little as $49 per month.

This is an easier payment option for those individuals who would like to continue education while they work so as to divide the payment in installments.


occupational Therapy Aide Salary & Job Outlook

The average salary of an occupational therapy aides in the US according to the Bureau of labor statistics is $29,000 annually, whereas that of occupational therapy assistants (with an associate degree) is roughly $59,000 annually.


This figure is subject to a variety of variations depending on educational qualification, work experience and field of work.

Those occupational therapy aides and assistants who work in the field of research can bag a higher salary at the end of the year as compared to those who work in other fields such as home health.

Those OT aides working in medical therapy and psychiatric assistance make a relatively higher figure of about $30,000 annually whereas those working as physical therapy aides make a slightly smaller figure of $25,000 annually.

Job Outlook

Occupational therapy aide, as a career, is expected to grow by about 28% in the next decade which is a figure much higher than that of many other careers.

This falls in perfect correspondence to the fact that as people get busier lifestyles working in offices and working out less, they do end up with movement disabilities and troubles where medical help may be needed.

Furthermore, OT is a generalized field where many kinds of patients can get help from, so OT aides can only be expected to see a career growth in the years to come.