Gerontology Occupational Therapists Programs

Gerontology is the study of caring for old age patients and it is quite evident that as age progresses to a higher number, a body’s functioning deteriorates significantly. In Occupational therapy, many students after completing under graduation degree specialized in Gerontology, some select Major in MOT. In this article, we help to find best Accredited Institute (ACTOE) in Top State in the US.

Check Accrediated universities in California, Texas, Florida.

Most old age patients need specifying occupational therapy support to function through their everyday lives.

Course in Gerontology

  1. Musculoskeletal Imaging
  2. Lumbopelvic Disorders
  3. Cervical and Thoracic Disorders
  4. Geriatric Integumentary Conditions
  5. Complimentary Therapies in Geriatric Rehabilitation

While most occupational therapist earns a degree to help patients through their daily lives, gerontology occupational therapists are more specified towards the help of old age citizens.

General Facts of Gerontology Certification

A gerontology occupational therapist is also considered in a higher demand through the job market because a given fact is that nurses make more lucrative livings in places with the higher retired population. However, this porgram is offering very fewer schools, but this demand is very high.

  1. Both PA and OT
  2. Specialize After Occupational Degree and Physical Therapy Degree
  3. Quick Job After specialization in Senior Citizen center, rehabilitation, senior hospitals, Acute Care centers, and Nursing unit.
  4. Learn how to Become OT Step by Step
  5. $94,000 to $120,000 average Salary, California, Ohio, Texas is the Top paying state
  6. Advance Degree in Occupational Therapy
  7. Swallow/dysphagia/self-feeding, SIMS Flower position therapy

The general sequence of gerontology is that aspirants complete a bachelor’s degree and they, then specialize in gerontology through a master’s degree.


Top Gerontology Occupational Therapists Schools

There are numerous master’s programs offered for candidates going down this road. Makes sure about accreditation, and those who offering Gerontology Specialization in OT.

in addition, some of the programs meant not only for general occupational therapists but also gerontology occupational therapists.

San Jose State University

The master’s program offered at San Jose for geriatric OT is highly affordable and is accredited by ACOTE.

The program is ranked 37 among other programs in the US and it consists of six “clusters” which give complete learning to students regarding OT and work specifically with aged clients.

  1. (ACOTE) Approved (10-Year Accreditation by ACOTE)
  2. Above 95% NBCOT Pass Rates

The program itself is 2 years long and costs around $13,400. Furthermore, the program also encapsulates an international experience which is meant to help students gain insight into occupational therapy practices and norms in other places around the world.

This not only gives them a wider experience of OT but is a great way to understand different kinds of patients and managing their treatment.


Salem State University

The program at Salem State is meant for students who previously have a bachelor’s degree in any field.

It is an entry-level master’s program, and this means that students who have a bachelor’s degree in fields other than occupational therapy can also apply.

  1. Combined BS/MS program in OT (Accelerated)
  2. Major in Gerontology
  3. ACOTE Status Approved

However, there are certain prerequisites and courses that need to be taken in order to be considered for the program.

The program consists of 94 credit hours that can be filled according to the student’s schedules and the total cost of the program is $21,000 for in-state applicants and $49,000 for non-residents.

The program is accredited by ACOTE and also finishes with a level 2 fieldwork in the final year.


Louisiana State University

The New Orleans School of applied sciences offers the master’s program for occupational therapy and this program also consists of a total of 94 credit hours.


Prerequisites for the course need to be cover prior to admission and they include courses such as general practice concepts and physiology etc.

The program costs $23,000 for residents.

University of Florida Health

The master’s program is 2 years long and is ranked as the 17th best OT program by US News.

The university also requires students to complete pre-requisite courses, which may be covered in renowned universities or community colleges.


  1. 40 hours of verified observation experience in OT
  2. ACOTE Approved

The total cost of attending the program is $25,000 and this is also an entry-level degree for professional occupational therapy.


Career Outlook after Specialization in Gerontology

Actually, you have the option, either Get Undergraduate degree in Phycology and Master or Doctoral degree in Gerontology or After MOT Get admission in Doctoral of Gerontology Program offering fewer universities in Uthe S.

in addition, Maiden Salary is $76,000 to $94,000 in top state in US.