Occupational Therapy Schools

Here we are discussing Occupational Degree schools in all over US states. Through online to bachelor, undergraduate to postgraduate and other technical certification in therapy degree. 2-years programs to 4 years and about ranking and schedule data of best universities near you.

If you are facing difficulty to find best and accredited schools nearby you. Here is a list of some best-ranked schools online hybrid and campus-based. According to the OT Practice framework, we detail some basics facts and figures.

General Schools Facts and Figures

First of all, you should understand about degree level program and mode of the program offered by various universities of occupational therapy.

  1. OT Doctoral-Degree-Level Programs – Accredited
  2. OT Master’s-Degree-Level Programs – Accredited
  3. OTA Associate-Degree-Level Programs – Accredited

Besides these traditional programs many schools offering some typical program in OT and OTA. Almost every state you must found 2 to 3 accredited school offering these program. After completing education pass NBCOT exam, you become the legal therapist. One more thing after this, every state in the US implement some rules, so getting state license is very important for practice.

  1. Distance learning schools in occupational therapy

After completing education, you can either become OT, OTA or Occupational therapy AIDS degree. Here are some facts must be kept in mind before selecting any school.

How To Become Occupational Therapy

How to Select an OT School?

Choosing a college can be one of the most important decisions of your life and it is crucial that you weigh your arguments carefully because going to college is an expensive affair and there is nothing worse than realizing that your decision was flawed.


First of all, understand about types of schooling;

  1. Community Schools
  2. 4 Year Schools
  3. Vocational Schools
  4. Graduate Schools

Community Schools

Most students select community college for an associate degree in occupational therapy. Due to the low fee structure, the student prefers to start their career through. There are many community schools in the US top state who offering a degree program.

4 year Schools

They complete guide you after associate degree and prepare for the national level exam and help in getting a license of OT.

Vocational Schools

If you want to get an Occupational Therapy Aide certificate, then vocational institute can help in this matter. They provide technical knowledge about therapy and give you diploma after 1 or 1.5 years of education.

Graduate School

Master level schooling after holding Bachelor degree. These type of institute provide advance learning till doctorate. The fee structure is high enough around $56000 per year. These type of Institute also offer Combined BS/MS degree or accelerated degree program (3-year plan) for those who have a degree in other subjects. For becoming an Occupational therapist you have you complete your master degree from that kind of school.


Basic Requirements for Occupational Therapy Schools

Choosing a college, however, is also not a very difficult decision. Firstly, you need to check to mark the schools that have been best ranked. It doesn’t that those colleges that have been ranked lower are not good rather, some colleges are better at certain fields than others.

A good school should be one that has been ranked among the top for occupational therapy education. Furthermore, you need to see which school fits your financial budget well. Don’t stress out too much about this because there are a number of ways to pay for college and plus there are so many scholarships and financial aid options.


The most important factor is “Accreditation” from AOTA. Make sure all school isn’t under accreditation status relates to some particular degree subject, so it’s the very important thing to do before selection.  Many schools label or Mark “Accreditation is under process” so do not take risk of your career regarding this subject. According to my survey, only New York, Florida, California, and New Jersey has more than 5 Accredited school, others has 2 or 3 only.

Therefore, do consider finances beforehand but do not let that keep you giving a shot to your top college.

Lastly, you need to weigh the possibilities of work and employment after graduation. If your state has a good growth rate and salary for occupational therapists, it is best to choose a college from your own state.

If you find another state to have better prospects, keep your options open. You can narrow down your list by analyzing graduation rates and post-graduation starting salaries at different schools.

School Faculty

Other things to keep in mind when choosing a school are the quality of education offered and the more academically influenced factors such as student to teacher ratio, this I believe is the most important.

Campus Life

Reason being, that a school is only as good as what it helps you learn. Campus life and diversity are a very important part of schooling because it is an opportunity for you to learn about new cultures and expand your outlook on different nationalities.

The best and most important part about college is that it teaches you and grooms you among thousands of other students and it is recommended that you weigh your non-academic learning when choosing a school.

Credit Transfer

Make sure about credit transfer, some universities aren’t allowing in 2017 for Master program especially.


Another important factor, some schools require prerequisites for eligibility for the master level program. Calculate GPA for admission requirements and many course fieldworks before submitting an admission fee.

Accreditated Schools Offering OT Programs 2019

We displaying some top five schools by region. The student must complete their degree program either Master or Doctorate through an accredited school.

There are a number of health care schools offering occupational therapy that stand strong in the competition. We select some accredited school and detail mentioned what they are offering? Some offering Associate degree, Bachelor or some Master to AIDS degree.

Although it is not a reasonable generalization to rank one school from the other, some schools really are offering the best programs in occupational therapy.

Some of these schools have been listed below. Some universities offering Major in Occupational therapy, so look also.

Undergraduate Schools

Plan of Bachelor Degree in OT, here are some Schools (Top Ranked) waiting for you. Some located in California, Florida, and NYC.

San Jose State University

Located in California, not only is it highly accredited and stands as the 33rd best school of the US, but it also offers an occupational therapy program at very affordable costs.

The average tuition fee for the program per year for local residents is $25,000 annually and that of non-residents is $37,000 roughly.

The university has an average major graduation rate of 32. The acceptance rate of San Jose is a reasonable but competitive 52%.

Students wanting to enroll in the Occupational therapy program are recommended to have a high school GPA of 3.0 at least and a reasonable SAT or ACT score as well.

Occupational therapists are in a higher than average demand in the state of California and this sets their career in the state to a higher than average wage.

Contact Details:

Website: http://www.sjsu.edu/occupationaltherapy/

Address: One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192

University of Southern California

The University of Southern California, given its impressive accreditation, is a very competitive school.

The average acceptance rate of the university is 17% which basically demands that students have a very decent high school GPA and an SAT or ACT score.

  1. A minimum SAT score of 1300 is recommended for a better shot at getting admitted into the occupational therapy.
  2. The program’s graduation rate of 27 is evidence to its competitive nature. The tuition fee of resident and non-resident students is $71,000 annually.
  3. The university has a national ranking of 22nd.

Programs Offering:

  1. Occupational Therapy (BS)
  2. Occupational Science Minor
  3. Occupational Therapy (MA)
  4. Occupational Science (PhD)
  5. Occupational Therapy (OTD)

And again, located in California, it is needless to say that the high retired population in the state gives students an edge for higher employment opportunities and wages because old age population drives up the demand for health care.

Contact Details:

Website: https://academics.usc.edu/occupational-therapy/

1540 Alcazar Street, CHP 133

Los Angeles, CA 90089-9003

(323) 442-2850

Brenau University

Located in Georgia, the university is ranked as the 47th best school of the US. It is a small campus covering an area of 57 acres and has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1750 student.

  1. The tuition cost of the occupational therapy program at Brenau is $42,000 for in-state and other students.
  2. The graduate rate of the program is roughly 13. The school has a reasonable acceptance rate of 65% which gives a good chance to many students to stand in competition.

A reasonable SAT score for Brenau should fall in the 71st percentile, i.e., students aspiring to get admitted in Brenau should score more than 71% SAT takers.

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.brenau.edu/healthsciences/occupationaltherapy/

Best Occupational Degree Schools for Masters/Doctoral

Select the best Master or Doctoral degree school in various State in the USA. We arrange list basis on Ranking and General review about school.

Boston University

The Boston University has been ranked as the #1 school for a master’s degree in occupational therapy by US News.

The national ranking of Boston University, in general, is also an impressive 42nd. For the graduate program, students take up 12 to 15 credits in a semester.

Program Offering in OT:

  1. BS in OT
  2. Occupational Therapy in OTD, OTD (PH.D.) Post Professional OTD online
  3. Rehabilitation Science

Tuition Fee

The average annual tuition cost at Boston University is $52,000 annually. The university has a total of faculty members of 3900 for a huge student body of 33,000 students.

The university covers a size of 135 acres on land and is equipped with some of the best facilities on campus.

Contact Details:

Website: http://www.bu.edu/sargent/academics/departments-programs/occupational-therapy/

Address: 635 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

University of Illinois

Located in Chicago, the university has been ranked as the 4th best national school for graduate education in occupational therapy.  NO 1 State University in Chicago. If you are looking at Best occupational therapy school, the University of Illinois is the best. With 307 publications, University of Illinois kept worth.

Programs Offering:

  1. MS in Occupational Therapy (On-Campus)
  2. Doctor of Occupational Therapy (On-Campus)
  3. Joint degree programs (Ph.D. in Disability Studies, Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Sciences)

The university has also been ranked as the 46th best university in the US by the US News. The school, however, has an acceptance rate of 65.5%.

Tuition Fee

The average tuition fee for residents taking the occupational therapy program is about $16,000 whereas that of non-residents is about $30,000 annually.

Contact Details:

Website: https://ahs.uic.edu/occupational-therapy/

Colorado State University

The Colorado State is ranked as the 6th best school for occupational and the 140th ranked national school by the US news.  Make sure Master or PH.D. program in OT for those student only, who has the degree in Bachelor of Occupational therapy.

Program Offering:

  1. S. and M.O.T. in Occupational Therapy
  2. D. in Occupation and Rehabilitation Science

The school has a generous acceptance rate of 80.1%. The average tuition fee for residents taking graduate education at the Colorado State is roughly $12,000 annually whereas that for non-residents is $24,000.

The university has a graduation rate of 65% which is a below average figure.

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.chhs.colostate.edu/ot/

Email: otinfo@colostate.edu

Address: 1573 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1573

Others Universities

  1. Nova Southeastern University Florida
  2. University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

Accreditation Schools in Top State in the US

Here we mentioning the detail of some top state, who is offering Master level program in OT. Accreditation is very important (Check Complete List).


According to AOTA, Florida Has 9 Accredited Schools of OT. Some located in Miami, Gainesville, Lauderdale, Fort Myers, and Tallahassee.



Occupational Therapy Schools Florida

  1. AdventHealth University
  2. Barry University
  3. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
  4. Florida Gulf Coast University
  5. Florida International University
  6. Keiser University-Ft. Lauderdale Campus
  7. Nova Southeastern University
  8. University of Florida
  9. University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences-Florida Campus


Only 9 Accredited schools we found in the State of California offering Master Program.

  1. California State University, Dominguez Hills
  2. Dominican University of California
  3. Loma Linda University Health
  4. Samuel Merritt University
  5. San Jose State University
  6. Stanbridge University
  7. University of Southern California
  8. West Coast University – Los Angeles
  9. University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences – California Campus 

Occupational Therapy Schools California


9 Accredited schools we found in Texas. You can Found in Galveston, Edinburg, San Antonio, El Paso, Austin, Denton, and Lubbock.

  1. Abilene Christian University
  2. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center 
  3. Texas Woman’s University
  4. University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences-Austin Campus
  5. University of Texas at El Paso 
  6. University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
  7. University of Texas Medical Branch
  8. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 

Occupational Therapy Schools Texas


Only 4 Schools we found offering MAster in Occupational Therapy Program. Locate in Montgomery, Tuskegee, Birmingham, and Mobile Alabama.

University of South Alabama

  1. Alabama State University
  2. Tuskegee University
  3. University of Alabama at Birmingham
  4. University of South Alabama

Occupational Therapy Schools Alabama

New Jersey

Currently, 3 Schools issue Accreditation Cerifrita from AOTA. Schools located in Hillside, Nutley, and Galloway.

Occupational Therapy Schools NJ

  1. Kean University
  2. Seton Hall University
  3. Stockton University

Schools in New Jersey

Is the Online Occupational Therapy Program Best for You?

Online programs, also known as distance learning programs are those in which you can study on your own schedules using a laptop and an internet connection.

The best part about these programs is that you study between work and your own daily activities.

An online however may or may not be suitable for every major. Occupational therapy is a major which requires a lot of practical learning because it teaches students about the movements and working of the human body.

At an undergraduate level, it is recommended that students receive on-campus education because it teaches them the ins and outs of occupational therapy through clinical and practical experiences.

When students are taking graduate education in occupational then the rewards of an online program are much higher because an on-campus bachelor’s education has already taught them practicality in the work.  Therefore, if you plan to enroll in a master’s program for occupational therapy, an online program can be a strong consideration.

Campus VS. Online OT Program Tuition Fee

Not only will an online program cost you much cheaper than an on-campus program, but it also helps one save a lot of time.

Most people who are considering a master’s program are already busy professional and it always aids your living expenses if you work alongside studying.

In this case, an online program not only lets you spend time studying after or between work, rather it saves you a tiresome commute which you would have to do between your workplace and college.

Online OT Bachelor Program

A bachelor’s program in occupational therapy is, however, the setting stone of your career and you need as much practical help as you can get.

An online program, in this case, would, therefore, compromise on your OT skills by being one to scoop out the practical knowledge by a large extent.

Some online OT programs also include clinical practice which can be given a consideration although.