Connecticut Occupational Therapy Schools

Looking DPT and Assistant certification programs in Connecticut USA? In this article, we discuss some top rank colleges and schools offering degree level accreditation programs for the therapist. Note down schedule, location and other prerequisites requirements for particular programs.

Occupational therapists are medical professionals who help individuals with disabilities who have trouble performing daily occupational tasks. In many states of the US, the demand is continuously increasing. According to ZIPRECRUITER, an occupational therapist after having experience 10 years can easily make around $101K in Connecticut. See complete stats with employment and career outlook in my recent Post about career stats of occupational therapist.

Their treatment largely includes the use of tools and customized gadgets that help patients with daily routine tasks. These can include things like changing clothes, climbing the stairs or using the bathroom.

As per the state laws of Connecticut, individuals who intend to work in the field of occupational therapy have to fill a few requirements. First, they must attain education up to the qualification that they wish to have.

This should be done at a school that is nationally accredited and finally, they should take the certification exam.


Quick Facts:

  1. According to AOTA (OT regulatory Authority), 2 schools holding Accreditation status
  2. Quinnipiac University and Sacred Heart University you can found in Hamden and Fairfield
  3. 3 schools we found offering accreditation associated degree in occupational therapy
  4. Goodwin College, Lincoln College of New England and Manchester Community College offering OTA programs in East Hartford, Southington and Manchester
  5. For the complete list of accredited OTA programs by states, review this post
  6. Similar states offering OTA and OT programs (New Jersey, Alabama, Texas) ETC
  7. Highest salary you can make in Connecticut is $101k to $110k
  8. Apply internship in top hospitals of Connecticut Middlesex Hospital, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Parent & Child Center at Bristol Hospital as an occupational therapist and after the associate degree
  9. Some schools required GRE score at-least 2.7 or some not, GPA must above 3 in major like Biology, kinesiology, Anatomy, and other human science subjects
  10. Ask more about OTD and OAT programs in Connecticut

Occupational therapists usually have a master’s degree whereas occupational therapy assistants have an associate degree. Most professionals begin their careers as OTAs. Some important programs have been discussed below.

Accredited OTD Programs in Connecticut (CT)

OTD stands for Doctoral in Occupational Therapy. Students wishing to enroll in a Ph.D. program in occupational therapy must have at least a bachelor’s degree in medical sciences.

An OTD program is a huge commitment and it is important for students to be fully into it before they apply for the program.

An OTD program is normally 3 years long and is academically quite rigorous. It includes a range of learning practices. A large part of the OTD program simply covers the theoretical concepts of occupational theory. Students gain a number of research skills and learn the use of research tools. OTD professionals are expected to innovate on the field which is implied b their rigorous education.

OTD professionals largely focus on helping patients gain independent lifestyles through experienced.

License Requirement

Students with a degree of Occupational Therapy Doctoral are required to have taken the certification exam for practicing professionally. It is known as the National Certification Exam for Occupational therapy. All states of the US require therapists to have this license.

According to NBCOT exam score, you can apply for the license of OT in Connecticut. Details of rules and regulations are overview through Portal GOV site. For apply online click here in the link.

Fee: $200.00

  1. Connecticut Department of Public Health
  2. Occupational Therapist Licensure
  3. 410 Capitol Ave., MS #12APP
  4. O. Box 340308
  5. Hartford, CT 06134

Top Accredited Schools

In the state of Connecticut, Gannon University offers a Doctorate Program in Occupational Therapy along with a number of other schools. For an overview, the program is accredited by the ACOTE. The program does not simply focus on direct intervention for treatment, rather it teaches students to work with larger populations and complex systems.

Some OTD programs in the state of Connecticut can also be completed in 20 months (given that you have a certain prior education in occupational therapy).

Quinnipiac University

Offering Entry Level Master degree program of occupational therapy in Hamden, CT. University is also offering a dual degree (Accelerated Program).


  1. Dual-Degree BS/MOT Curriculum
  2. science GPA of 2.75 Required
  3. Graduation Rate between 92% to 98%

Contact Details:


Sacred Heart University

This university is located 55 miles from New York City (Fairfield, CT).  With Cheap Fee, well-ranked Sacred Heart University is very renowned in Connecticut State.


Contact Details:

Address: Fairfield, CT 06825-1000

PH: (203) 365-4771



OTA Programs in Connecticut

OTA stands for Occupational Therapy Assistant. Occupational therapy assistants work as assistants to occupational therapists. They assist in tasks like treatment, intervention and patient facilitation. These professionals are required to have an associate degree at least.

After completion of the associate degree from an accredited school, they are eligible to take the certification exam administered by the AOTA. After passing the exam successfully they can work as professionals.


Most OTA programs in Connecticut are 2 years long and teach students the essentials of occupational therapy. A large part of these programs is administered in clinical settings where students gain hands-on practical experience.

Before starting the OTA program, students are required to have completed high school or basic courses such as chemistry, biology, and physics.

Licensing Requirements

Occupational therapy assistants need to take the NBCOT exam administered by the AOTA in order to practice professionally. The state government of Connecticut, like all other states, requires OTA professionals to attain a license before they can work.

Top Accredited Schools

Just like OT degree, accreditation status is required for schools before offering OTA program. Here are some accredited schools, review ranked, Fee structure, faculty and many more.

Goodwin College

Easy enrollment, Goodwin College is one of the top school in East Hartford CT. One of the best faculty they got.

Contact Details:

Address: East Hartford, CT 06118-1837

PH: (860) 913-2069



Lincoln College of New England

Looking for OTA programs in Southington CT? Lincoln College of New England offering OTA programs withholding accreditation and top faculty.

Contact Details:


Careers Outlook (OT, OTA) in Connecticut

OTA professionals in the state of Connecticut can take up work as an assistant to an occupational therapist. The average salary of an OTA in Connecticut is $60,000 annually.


  1. Alternative Communities
  2. Assisted Living Facility
  3. Geriatrics
  4. Homes
  5. Hospitals
  6. Nursing Homes
  7. Pediatrics
  8. Rehabilitation Centers
  9. Schools

On the other hand, OTD professionals can work as occupational therapists. Furthermore, they also take careers such as Rehabilitation Therapists and family therapists. The average salary of OTD professionals can range between $83,300 and $101,000 per year.