North Carolina Occupational Therapy Schools

In this article, we are going to discuss Top ranking schools in North Carolina offering OT degree. You can find schools in Concord, Greenville, Hickory, and other many cities of North Carolina. From an Associate degree to Doctoral various schools is offering Accreditation. Occupational therapy refers to the treatment of individuals who have disabilities and are unable to perform daily occupational tasks.

Occupational therapy can be pursued through different levels of education. Some of the programs offered in the state of North Carolina have been mentioned below.

After completing your degree, you can apply in various rehabilitation and hospitals of NC like University of North Carolina Hospitals, Dosher Memorial Hospital and join North Carolina Healthcare Association.

Occupational Therapy Schools in North Carolina

Quick Facts:

List some quick facts relates to Top-level OT programs and Schools who are offering.

  1. Only 5 Accredited schools we found in North Carolina offering OTD programs.
  2. Winston-Salem, Chapel Hill and Hickory cities renowned for Top Ranking schools offering OTS, Associate degree level program
  3. After getting a license, chances of getting jobs will more here
  4. Occupational therapist can make around $66,000 on the average salary in North Carolina, Assistant can make $35,000 on average salary
  5. For requirements of schools, you must go-through PRE-Requisites (above 3.2 GPA required) in Majors for occupational therapy
  6. Similar states with such programs (Connecticut, NJ)
  7. Ask More about it

Accredited OTD Programs in North Carolina (NC)

OTD (Doctorate Degree) required to becoming an occupational therapist. Many schools in NC state offering this program in 2019 and 2020. So check out some top schools details.

OTD stands for Doctor of Occupational Therapy and is a program that produces professional occupational therapists who can take up practice after licensure. Students who have a bachelor’s degree in health care sciences can apply for the program. The program builds on their prior knowledge in the field of medicine and teaches occupational therapy from basics to essentials.

A Doctoral in Occupational Therapy is not just about rehabilitating people’s lives, but rather adding value to their lives. A large part of such programs involves education relating to mental health. A profession that follows this kind of education is rewarding but meanwhile, also very challenging. Graduates of the doctoral program also tend to join the education sector.

Tuition Fee

According to the BLS, the average salary of an OTD professional in the state of North Carolina is $80,100 per year and there is high projected growth. The growth is attributed to the elderly population with physical disabilities and school-aged children requiring OT assistance.

Schedule and Length  

The doctorate program offered by most universities replaces the master’s degree in occupational therapy. There are currently 4 fully accredited occupational therapy schools in North Carolina, but not all of them provide doctoral programs.

The Methodist University in North Carolina offers a doctoral program for individuals who have prior education in medical sciences. The program is 3 years long and comprises of 9 semesters. The program has a total of 112 credit hours and a class size of 30. The smaller class size also suggests a very competitive student to teacher ratio.

Top Accredited Schools

Explore doctoral program near your area, here we listed only accredited schools.  Every school is accredited through ACOTE (Regulatory Body of US).

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

If you are looking school nearby Concord. Schools follow NCBOT rules, so holding accreditation status.

  1. Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Studies/Master of Occupational (BSIHS/MOT)
  2. OTD Degree

Contact Details:


East Carolina University

Another Top ranking institute with 100% successful graduation rate.

Information Sessions

  1. February 8, 2019, at 11:30 am
  2. March 15, 2019, at 11:30 am
  3. April 12, 2019, at 11:30 am

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Address: Greenville, NC 27834 USA

OTA Programs in North Carolina

Many professionals entering the occupational therapy tend to start as an OTA. An OTA is an occupational therapy assistant who works with an occupational therapist. They assist certified therapists and medical professionals in treating patients and in administrative work within occupational therapy.

OTA professionals have an associate degree in occupational therapy. The degree is about 2 years long and teaches all the basics of occupational therapy. There is a large component of practical education and clinical training so as to train OTAs in occupational therapy settings.

In the state of North Carolina, the average OTA earns an annual salary of $54,400 per year. This is subject to deviations according to change in location of work and experience.

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

Schools after OTD degree is also offering an Associate degree in occupational therapy. Just GDE and High schools certification are required for entry in this degree level program.

Minimum SAT (480) and ACT (21) score

C Grade in such courses like;

  1. Algebra I
  2. Algebra II
  3. Geometry
  4. Biology
  5. Chemistry

Accreditation and Licensing

In order to work as an OTD professional, you need to take the National Certification Exam for Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) which is administered by the state government.

Once you have your license, you can work as a certified professional. Not just North Carolina, all states of the US require this license for work.

Furthermore, in order to take the exam, it is important to have completed your education and that too from a nationally accredited school.

OTA professionals are also required to have taken a National Certification Exam. This exam is administered by the AOTA which certified OT assistants to work in occupational therapy. Similar to OTD certification, OTA certification exam can only be taken if you have completed an associate degree from an accredited community college.

Occupational Therapist Careers Outlook in North Carolina

OTD careers in North Carolina often include treatment and research in a blend. They can work with occupational therapy frameworks and meanwhile take up research to innovate in the field. In North Carolina full of opportunities for both Assistant and occupational therapist. In various metropolitan areas, due to shortage therapist is earning more than $1K.

On the other hand, OTA professionals can take up work as home health nurses. They largely work in rehabilitation centers and in occupational therapy settings as assistants to therapists.