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Provide Essential information about Accreditation, Licensing, and Tuition Fee in NYC

Occupational therapy is now gaining a higher demand and has become a fairly lucrative skill. New York being a highly developed metropolitan state is a huge center of opportunity for many aspirants. Both Occupational and physical therapist making a good income. In this article, we are going to cover all aspect relates to Occupational Therapy Schools New York (Campus, Online), Career, Job Placement and many more.

The average salary of an occupational therapist in the state of New York is $87,000 annually. Most OT experts begin their career with a starting salary of $53,000 and it normally goes up to $130,000.

An occupational therapist treats patients with temporary or permanent disabilities and helps equips them with tools that should help them through their everyday activities. These tools may be customized or generic and their allotment depends on the patient and their condition. Most of the times, OT experts fix handles and bars near the staircase and other places like the shower for patients to get support from.

Quick Facts

We summarized facts for You, before reading an article go through these points for understanding the program.

  • The average salary of an OT expert in the NYC is rounded off to about $86,000 annually.
  • 22 Accredited Schools offering OT Master Programs
  • The average hourly wage of an occupational therapist in NYC is about $41.8
  • The average growth rate of OT as a career is roughly 8%.
  • Similar states with Top Schools (Florida, California, Texas, NJ, Alabama)
  • 76% of the occupational therapists in NYC are full-time employees whereas about 26% are part-time employees.
  • Within the field of OT, radiation therapists make the highest salaries whereas clinical nurse experts make relatively less.
  • An NBCOT certification is required to practice OT in hospitals and other health care facilities.
  • It is important to make sure that your school is accredited by the government otherwise you might not be eligible to take the NBCOT exam.
  • A school with a clinical affiliation has more benefits and education is more wholesome.
  • A bachelor’s degree is required to become an occupational therapist and the length of the degree is between 3 and 4 years.
  • A master’s degree is usually about 2 years long and helps nurses take up executive job roles.
  • Most schools require a minimum high school CGPA of 3.0 in pre-requisite courses for OT.

An OT expert basically aids patients through activities such as changing clothes, showering and climbing the stairs so they can live an independent life.

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A list of some of the best occupational therapy schools in New York has been listed below.

Occupational Therapy Schools

Occupational Therapy Programs in New York

Before Selection of any school, make sure about prerequisites, admission, and other basic requirements.  We will cover undergraduate and graduate program with particular schools. The basis of ranking, Alumni, Tuition Fee, the Accredited status we arrange schools list in New York.

Top Accredited Schools and Colleges in New York

Some accredited schools that offer OT programs in New York are listed below. We give some school information bellows, if you want some particular university or school info, just Comment us or contact us.

  • Columbia University
  • Alabama State University
  • Tuskegee University
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • University of South Alabama
  • Midwestern University-Glendale Campus
  • University of Central Arkansas
  • Dominican College
  • D’Youville College
  • Ithaca College
  • Keuka College

Admission Requirements

Occupational therapy schools are highly competitive and require students to complete a number of pre-requisites along with reasonable scores in academics to be eligible for admission.

A minimum high school GPA of 3.0 is a necessity along with a minimum grade of B in all pre-requisite courses. The pre-requisite courses vary from one college to another but most of them are the same including human anatomy and psychology etc.

An SAT or ACT is needed for a bachelor’s degree and the minimum score requirements depend on the school but a reasonable score, to begin with, is 1200.

For master’s programs, a GRE is required with a reasonable score as well. For those students who have a non-English academic background are required to take Ielts.

Most schools require some amount of field work and master’s programs require at least a relevant work experience of 6 months.

Licensing Requirements

In order to work as an occupational therapist in hospitals, it is required for students to have an OT license through the government known as an NBCOT. One is only eligible to take the NBCOT exam if they have graduated from an AOTA certified school.

Top-Ranked Schools with Occupational Therapy Bachelor Programs in New York

Looking for Bachelor Study in OT? We arrange some accredited list of colleges offering programs in spring 2019. Before submission of Fee, make sure about particular universities requirements and ACOTE Certification.


Orangeburg NY

Dominican College is One of the Best academic institutes in Orangeburg NY. With 13,000 Plus alumni and 98 Percentage of undergraduates receiving financial aid, this is our top of the list.

Dominican College

The school offers a combined master’s and bachelor’s degree which is also known as a fast track degree for those students who already have a bachelor’s degree in a field (which is not nursing or OT).

  1. The OT school is accredited and has an ACOTE certification, the average class size is limited to 60 which offers a reasonable teacher to student ratio.
  2. Admission requirements include an associate or a bachelor’s degree in a non-health care field with a minimum graduation CGPA of 3.0.
  3. Last date of admission is October 15th, 2018.
  4. 100% Pass Rate on the National Board for Certification

The combined program is 4 years long and costs about $27,500 for NY residents, which is 1$ cheaper as compared to other equivalent programs.


Phone: (845) 848-7908


Queens New York City

We select York Colleges in Queens NY, Make sure about CUNY system before admission in this college.

York College

As part of The City University located in New York City, the college offers a combined bachelor’s program to students in occupational therapy.

The department of OT is called as the School of Health and Behavioral Sciences, the program is on a probationary accredited by the government.

It also has a number of pre-requisites given its competitive nature. Students are required to complete all major and core requirements of pre-requisite courses with a minimum grade of C i.e., a GPA of 2.7 each.

  1. Students are also required to complete about 50 observation hours in an occupational therapy setup to be eligible to apply. An SAT or ACT is also required.

The program cost is accumulated over $415 each credit hour

Top-Ranked Schools with Occupational Therapy Master Programs in New York

For Master level programs in occupational therapy will boost your career to the next level.  Here bellows we found some Accredited OT schools offering Graduate programs.


Manhattan, New York City

Columbia University

The neurological center located in the school offers an OT master’s degree which is accredited by ACOTE.

  1. The school requires students to have at least 3 recommendation letters and a minimum grade of B i.e., GPA of 3.0 in all pre-requisites and core requirements.
  2. Observation and OT volunteering is also an integral part of the acceptance process. However, the time duration is unspecified.
  3. Master Programs and Dual Degree Programs MS/MPH
  4. Doctor of education
  5. Doctor of Occupational therapy

The tuition fee at Colombia for the graduate program is roughly $46,500 per academic year.


Address: 630 West 168th Street New York, NY 10032 United States

Manhattan NYC

Mercy College

The college offers a master’s degree at the school of occupational therapy which is accredited by ACOTE. College branches are also located in Bronx and Yorktown Heights.

  1. It has an average class size of 29 which gives an excellent student to teacher ratio. Admission requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 in undergrad and at least 2 reference letters along with GRE.
  2. The average tuition fee for graduate programs at Mercy is roughly $16,000 for an academic year.


Directory of  New York Universities Offering Campus-based and Online Occupational Therapy

We arrange the list of Accredited or non-accredited school’s basis of Campus and Online/hybrid. We just provide here basic information of OT programs (Bachelor or Master). Schools located in NYC City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island). Contact us for getting any particular college information.


Here below the list of Campus base schools offering education in OT. Make sure about accreditation, Admission requirements and other Prerequisites.

Online Campus

Many students who are in working in some healthcare or hospitals do not want to get admission in schools, who is offering campus-based education. In that case, online learning in MS or Doctoral will beneficial.

New York Occupational Therapist Careers

Although OT career overall USA is very remarkable, in NYC you get many potentials after becoming a therapist. New York is the top State in most population in the USA. So either you join some hospital or health center for the job or open private clinic, outcomes are greater than your aspect.


Scheduling flexibility, friendly environment, high paid salary, and many other benefits you can get after becoming a therapist.  In addition, the career of occupational therapy assistant is also very booming in NYC. With a 28% growth rate, 4% part of NYC.

This job I consider a fun; you can earn handsomely. Every day you experience different, you have different tasks and goal.

Average Salary and JOB in NYC

You can aspect quick job after passing the national level exam and get certification. On average Therapist salary in New York is $87,000 after getting some experience. In starting of your career, you can aspect at-least $45,000.

Many students after completing an associate or bachelor degree would like to join assistant career for getting experience during the initial stage.

Quick Job Opportunity

  1. New York Center for Autism Charter School
  2. Brooklyn Autism Center
  3. Manhattan Children’s Center
  4. Mind Professionals – Therapy Centre

New York’s Occupational Therapy Employment Outlook

You can join the various department in therapy in occupational.  Although a 4.7% unemployment rate in New York, still there is a remarkable achievement in the healthcare industry.

  1. Pediatric Occupational therapist (2,000 new opening in the pediatric department in 2019)
  2. Autism specialist (3,000 plus new opening with 5% growth rate in 2019 till 2024)